Award Winning Visual Artist
Founder of Emm & Enn - Art Studio,
I have always been fascinated by nature; the vibrant hues, the vividness and exuberance of life narrated through numerous snippets of tales and the daily scenes that transition between fading away and starting anew – in short, the divine drama of nature blossoming at each passing moment. I am elated when this surge of inspiration that arrives out of nowhere strikes me like a bolt of lightning, transforms my thoughts to a canvas as a lively collage of soulful splashes. Nature, with it’s ecosystem of omnipresent beauty has that power to influence, gently rock my little sparks of imagination to those paintings that are my little secret ‘pride-lets’!!  
Art in any form evokes beauty and I believe that it encompasses two complementing emotions – one of enjoyment and the other of revelation. It is a constant activity of moulding and glossing one’s musings, ideas and observations. A work of art, be it a painting or a sculpture always exists as a continuous dialogue within itself and with the world around it. The images, the icons and other facets in my paintings are imbibed from the society and nature where we live and breathe and serves as an attempt at truthful reflection.  
I am compelled not to name my creativity as an act of working, as the imagery and the elements connect and convey their dreams to the artist in me and I let them enchant me in an imaginary drive to a surrealistic realm. I feel that each of my painting has taken this artistic path, a journey where the colors conversed, debated and in a subtle way, carved their destination of perfection as they head towards completion.  
I have participated in many national level art camps and conducted two solo exhibitions and was also part of few group and state level exhibitions. ‘Cityscapes’ was a proud winner of the State Award by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 2009.
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